About Us

We are a team of highly driven, professional and passionate Real Estate Super Agents saving the residents of Brisbane from their woes and struggles of selling and purchasing property.

At Xperience, we believe the traditional method of selling real estate is antiquated and the market is craving for something new and fresh to keep up with the times. Capitalising on the wide gap in skills and innovation which currently exists in the real estate industry, Vish and his team of Super Agents are here to save the day!

We are not your typical real estate agents and make every effort to be different from the rest, challenging the status quo of the industry. We place no confidence in expensive traditional marketing plans and the old-fashioned auction. Instead, our ‘out of the box’ marketing strategies and creative selling techniques through social and digital media has achieved success over and over again, many of the times exceeding our clients’ expectations in terms of time and price.

Our mission is to be the most innovative agency of its time. We aim to be the best agents possible to deliver positive outcomes and most importantly, to provide an all-time guarantee for a superior and pleasant real estate Xperience with minimum fuss and maximum return.