Welcome to Xperience Realty, or rather, welcome to the best property Xperience (pun intended) of your life!

Yes, real estate looks difficult and boring. That's why you need a team of Super Agents by your side. We'll make sure to make sure you're taken care of, and have fun along the way!

Our Philosophy
Before we begin, we need to get something off our chest...
We’ve made it our missions to ensure each clients feels the love (only if you wants the love of course. Let's not make it weird...) and we do things by our simple, yet effective, motto.

“Genuinely connecting and providing a personalised Xperience to our extended family”.
Real Estate Agents Are Evil!!!
Yes, we said it! We have a reputation of being dodgy and dishonest. We seem to be doing anythingfor a commission (well, almost anything haha). When people are asked to rate the least trustworthy professions, Realtors are rated worse than telemarketers, politicians, and ever P.E. Teachers (except lawyers, we’re not THAT bad)!

We’re not ‘gonna lie, IT SUCKS knowing agents are the absolute worst.
We’ve made it our missions to ensure each clients feels the love (only if you wants the love of course. Let's not make it weird...) and we do things by our simple, yet effective, motto.

“Genuinely connecting and providing a personalised Xperience to our extended family”.
The Xperience Difference
At Xperience, we don’t even like calling ourselves ‘agents’ (which is why we go by ‘Super Agents’). We understand the reputation, and we also understand that it NEEDS to change! Look, it’s real estate, not rocket science. Selling property is easy enough that any monkey can just about do it (and there’s probably a few out there); but there are those who do it with PANACHE, CREATIVITY, AND GENUINE CARE FOR THEIR CLIENTS.

First and foremost, we want the best outcome for our clients in a transparent and professional manner. We also don’t want to be boring, so let’s have some fun on this journey! From your first phone call, you’ll know the difference.
Here's What We Believe
When we created Xperience Realty, we knew we had a long road ahead to get the ‘Super Agent’ reputation. We also know traditional methods of selling real estate are antiquated, and the market IS craving something fresh to keep up! We make every effort to inject a little personality into an industry that’s far too up itself. You can trust us with your most valuable investments. In return, we give you our commitment to always do the right thing by you.

So are you in? THEN get in contact with us here
We're also famous!
Well not really...but we’ve had some really good mentions in the press (and we’ve won some awards along the way)!
As you look around this website, you’ll see WE’RE CAPTURING BRISBANE’S ATTENTION, AND IMAGINATION! Besides the awards (and there are even more on the way), we’ve also had heaps and heaps of great testimonials and reviews.

Not meaning to blow our own smoke, but We’ve worked hard to earn our recognition as the agency pushing the industry with our imagination, flair, and the best results possible.
"Anna kept me in the loop from day one when finding a good tenant for my property. She was very responsive and always organised.
It was a pleasure dealing with Anna and we are happy over the amazing job she did for us."
Stella Kozlovska
"There were no words of the relief when the approval came through, and we were then able to buy my daughter’s first apartment.
"THANK YOU!", will never be enough for everything Xperience Realty did."
Catherine Bradley
Meet the team
Changing real estate for good requires the best super agents
We know how to show off a property!
And we have fun doing it!
Most property videos are just straight-up boring!

Our videos are different. With everyone searching for new properties online, we don’t just want to capture their attention and stand out from the crowd, we want to leave a long-lasting impression. We also promote the lifestyle. Not just the property. New bars, the best restaurants, all of it!

We do that by always being ourselves. With our property videos, WE LIKE TO ADD SOME HUMOUR, AND SHOW OFF YOUR PROPERTY'S BEST FEATURES IN THE MOST ENTERTAINING WAY!
Introducing Rum & Real Estate
Our very own super cool web series!
We're Brisbane's best Real Estate experts, and we love giving advice wherever we can.

Rum & Real estate is a project we've been keen to launch for a while, and it's a combination of the top two things Vish loves the most (plus is rhymes, so it's the best title money can buy...just kidding, we thought it up ourselves).

We launch a new episode weekly, on all the social media platforms we're on (or just watch them here), and We cover topics about as our own process, the current market performance, and of course, the best rums and rum bars you have to try before you die!
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