Able to manage multiple properties in a single bound!
There are regular property managers, which do an "ok" job.

Then there are the Xperience Super Property Manangers! What do we do better? Well, everything!
We’ve made it our missions to ensure each clients feels the love (only if you wants the love of course. Let's not make it weird...) and we do things by our simple, yet effective, motto.

“Genuinely connecting and providing a personalised Xperience to our extended family”.
Why We Do What We Do

Well, Property Management is easy! It’s not rocket science. But the sad fact of the matter is that the industry standard is super low, leaving many owners disappointed with the services they get, whether it’s the lack of communication or because of managers not resolving tenant issues in a timely manner. In fact, for years, we were told these stories from the very owners we sold properties to.

As we only dealt with sales at the time, we referred our clients to other rental agencies. But these clients would come back to us, unhappy with the services they were getting from those agencies. They begged us for a solution (not on their knees looking up with teary eyes, but close enough)! They wanted the same sales service they got from us for the rental side of things. By popular request, Xperience Property Management was born! We listened to our pleading clients, and built a service better than the rest. Now, let us tell you how.
When we market your property,
we make sure that your message is consistent with the values of the target market. Whether geographic, demographic, or psychographic (look it up, it's definitely a real word), we understand the importance of targeting the right tenants to maximise returns and minimise vacancies.

It’s easy to see why we do property management right, just by comparing where our competitors get it wrong. What happens in a lot of agencies is that inexperienced students or cranky old ladies get hired, get minimal training, and  are then given a massive property portfolio. Plus, the Principal is often hands-off – they’re usually more caught up in sales and auctions – leaving these “managers” to fend for themselves, so they end up overworked and cut corners when it comes to maintenance, entry reports, and all the shebang that property managers get up to.

The communication drops, the vacancy rate skyrockets, and then the “managers” say “See ya, suckers!” and you’re back to square one with a new property manager. Rinse and repeat – now we know why these owners were so unhappy! You don’t even need a PhD for property management! You just need simple and clear systems and processes to make it run like clockwork. And that’s exactly what we did! Plus, we’re proactive in approaching problems and nipping them in the bud before they catch us by surprise like a nasty pimple just before date night.

We also hunted down the most enthusiastic people with a fiery passion to look after peoples’ properties as if they were our own. And, to top it all off, we took our award-winning, innovative and quirky marketing from our sales department into property management. It’s paid off - fast forward 6 years, and we’ve been shortlisted as finalists for multiple awards and we've won some, including the 2018 REIQ Small Residential Agency of the Year (Can we get a hell yayaaaa?!).
But Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
We've had some very positive feedback from some raviong fans who've had the chance to Xperience just how good we are (and we are pretty damn awesome)!
"IT was incredibly sweet to communicate with Anna from Xprence realty to find a good tenant for my property. She was very responsive from initial day and organise also.It was a pleasure dealing with Anna and we are happy for the job that she did it for us."

- Stella Kozlovska
"Xperience are really personal in their approach and did not put a foot wrong in finding me a lovely tenant for my unit in a very short time. Anna is always on the ball and so understanding and helpful. Great job!"

- Patricia Boman
"Vannessa, Vish, and the team looked after my investment property like one their own. From assisting with furnashing to getting connection with power, to chase up with tenants on payment. They’re an awesome team. They go beyond on what they really need to do. They showed what other agents lacks - Care! I wish to express a big Thankyou to Vannessa - for all the the things you’ve done for me. "

- Kevin Sun
We rent our properties faster than a fat kid eating cake. We can save you time and your youth! If your property is vacant, or just not happy with your existing pm...
Then Give the best PM's in Brisbane a call on 0409 891 339
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