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Some Real Estate Agents Go to Great Lengths to Attract Attention from Buyers, Check Out This Superhero
Sophie Foster
December 15, 2014
IN AN increasingly supercharged real estate market, Vish Uttam has taken his job as principal (super) agent to new heights – donning the Lycra in pursuit of Gen Y hearts and minds.

But the unique “dress up” marketing tactic is no flash in the pan for Mr Uttam, who has also donned a wig and paisley for a cool hippy pad in West End and a safari suit for a video on househunting for his Xperience Realty team at Milton.

He said with many Gen Y buyers nervous about entering the market for the first time, it was a good way to break the ice and be remembered.

“That’s exactly why we do it,” he said. "The buying demographic has changed, not only in how they search and look for property, but also how they want to be dealt with.”

He said the videos were done professionally, but with a twist of humour. “We want to inject a bit of personality,” he said.

“We’re trying to humanise the industry.”

Mr Uttam said most Gen Y buyers were looking for property between $300,000-$500,000 – a “good entry range” – with interest rates at record lows. But he doesn’t recommend charging in too fast.

“They have to be really careful because markets move in cycles,” he said.

“Rates are not going to be at this level for long. Always check your buffers, and talk to your broker about worst-case scenarios and exit strategies if things don’t go to plan.”