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Every superhero team has an origin story!
There's always a city that needs saving.

And there's always team (or league if you're a DC person) that rises from the ashes to save the day.
We’ve made it our missions to ensure each clients feels the love (only if you wants the love of course. Let's not make it weird...) and we do things by our simple, yet effective, motto.

“Genuinely connecting and providing a personalised Xperience to our extended family”.
Why We Created Xperience Realty

So what did Brisbane needs saving from? Other agencies that just didn’t care. They all used stale and antiquated marketing. They also just seemed as if they wanted to avoid their clients' needs, and they just made whole process seem so complicated.

With all that on the table, we decided to launch Xperience Realty. With this new and awesome agency to fix the gap within the market, we set out with a simple goal: make real estate as enjoyable as it is profitable. We wanted to provide a much better customer Xperience based on better relationships with our clients extended family. The fuel for all of this is just a passion for property. We also wanted to create and maintain a fun work environment; so we took a page out of the books of inspiring companies such as Google, Virgin and even Pixar which believe in doing better business by focusing on a fun and family-oriented workplace culture.

The result? Just have a look at this website! Have a looking at our property videos and even our social media. It’s engaging, it’s a fun, and it’s all made with love. Because of our innovative (and quirky) marketing, we’ve sold so many properties and gained an impressive amount of managements.

Being the one-stop shop was also a key motivator. We did this by making our way into certain markets that few (if any) agencies dare to tread, such as Airbnb management, and even mortgage broking (which is honestly a no-brainer). Team Xperience also vowed to never be the typical “up themselves” agents, but instead being the Real Estate Superheroes that are badass yet approachable.
Humble Beginnings

So great, we have an awesome mission, everything should fall into place right? Well not exactly.

If you've ever watched a hero's origin story then you'll know that the hero always starts off as an underdog, and everyone loves a good underdog story. Ours starts with a humble little office. By humble, we mean a 15 m² office small bedroom with no windows (well that's not exactly true, we did have a framed picture of the sky to stop us all from going mad). But hey, we had an HQ, and things could only go uphill from here.
But from there, we moved into something a little roomy and more naturally lit with our Auchenflower office. Finally we had a space that we were proud to welcome clients into.
But it still wasn't enough. It still didn't have the cool out-of-this-world look that we'd always wanted. So eventually, we were finally able to move into the space of our dreams with Toowong. No wall was left uncovered with all the colours and rum shelves that would make any other business owner cry with jealousy. Is it over the top? Maybe. But who wouldn't want to walk in to sign a contract or lease in this pop-culture wonderland!
We now now finally have a second-home we can't wait to walk into everyday. Everyone seemed to love it as well, because we had a legen...wait for it...dary launch party that would make Barney Stinson blush (yeah it's a dated reference, but still one of the best!).

So there it is, working from an office the size of a shoebox with no windows for 5 years to this, a dream we’ve always had. this is one of the proudest moments for us, a happy and fun office that finally came to fruition.

We just finally want to say thank you to our family, our friends, our colleagues and all our clients who have embarked on this journey with us. We could never have done it without you all.
And all that hard work has paid off

Just look our badges of honour. LOOK AT THEM!
Wait, we're forgetting something
Oh, the press loves us too!

We've had a few mentions in a few articles, no biggie...well it kind of is
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