This Trademark Usage Policy will show you the proper use of the Xperience Realty trademarks and logos.
Use the Correct Symbol

When referencing to the Xperience Realty and trademarks, always include the proper notation after the name and logo. (® for Registered Trademarks and ™ for Trademarks) Failure to do so dilutes our trademark protection. In text it is only necessary to annotate the first instance of the trademark in a given document or piece. After the first instance you may drop the ® or ™ after the word. When using logos, always include the ® or ™ in every instance. Logos may only be used under permission from Xperience Realty.

Use Full, Proper, Trademarked Brand Names
Always use the full, proper trademarked brand names in all communications. Never abbreviateXperience Realty brand to create an acronym.

Do Not Alter Xperience Realty Brands or Logos
When using a Xperience Realty logo, never vary the spelling, add or delete hyphens, make one word two, or use a possessive or plural form of the Xperience Realty brand. When using a Xperience Realty logo, never modify the design, add or delete any elements or words, change any colors or proportions.

The Xperience Realty Logo
The Xperience Realty logo must be used as a stand-alone icon to connote origination of Xperience Realty Website.

The Xperience Realty Logo and Third Party Trademarks
Do not combine the Xperience Realty Logo with third party trademarks. Third party names and logos cannot be used in conjunction with the Xperience Realty and logos in product names except to connote that Xperience Realty is included. Xperience Realty and logos may not be used as part of the product name for any third party product unless granted permission from Xperience Realty.

Logo Sizing
When materials are co-branded, the prominence of the Xperience Realty logo should be at least proportionate to its contribution to the partnership. Therefore, Xperience Realty’s logo should be of equal size and prominence with an equal partner. If Xperience Realty is the dominant partner, the Xperience Realty logo should be larger than partner logos. If Xperience Realty is one of several lesser partners in an initiative headed by a dominant partner, Xperience Realty’s logo should be at least of equal prominence and size with the lesser partners, but smaller than the dominant partner. In partner promotions, the Xperience Realty logos cannot be altered in any way.

Copyright Statements
Each name, term or mark that is a registered trademark must include the applicable mark and copyright statement when it is used.

Example: “Xperience Realty is a trademark or a registered trademark of the Xperience Realty Website”

Reservation of Rights
Xperience Realty is the owner of all right, title, and interest in the Xperience Realty brand and logos. No person or entity may reproduce or use (or authorize the reproduction or use of) the Xperience Realty brands and logos in any manner other than expressly authorized by Xperience Realty. Unauthorized use of Xperience Realty brands and logos is strictly prohibited.

Xperience Realty may, at its sole discretion, modify the Xperience Realty brands and logos at any time. Please refer to the Xperience Realty Trademarks periodically to ensure your compliance. In order to assure compliance and quality of control, Xperience Realty may request that you provide samples of any marketing, advertising, or other material that includes the Xperience Realty brands and logos.