Why Xperience Kicks A**

Want to build your property empire?
Well then, you’ll need a trusty property manager as your sidekick.


  1. We have next to no vacancies under our management. Unlike other property managers who are complacent and lazy, our super agents are very proactive and make sure your property is always tenanted, pronto! Nobody’s got time for losing money from vacancies!!
  2. We don’t have a little black book, our list of executive contacts is huge from our years of building corporate connections.To really maximise income from your investment, the Xperience team do all the calling around to get you 1st class tenants who seek executive rentals that pay you well above the average!! It will make you wonder why you didn’t switch to Xperience years ago.
  3. Creative marketing, cliché term? Not with Xperience. Our funky storytelling and high-end HDR photography of your property attracts the right demographic on the main real estate sites as well as through our targeted channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you really want to make your rental income explode, think about one of our quirky videos, you’ll never view your property the same again and will most likely want to rent it yourself!
  4. Call us boutique, quirky or crazy but you can sure call us anytime!We are an agency that gives a damn about your property! Sure we are smaller than the big guys, that is what makes us uniquely special; we can cater to all your property management needs with our dedicated and attentive team. Our team knows the seasonal nature of the rental market and we follow our processes and communicate often (sometimes we shout from the rooftops), to make sure your property is always tenanted by the right people. Whether you want to call, email or send us an owl post, you will always get a personal response as we give a hoot and always deliver dedicated service from our awesome team of super agents.
  5. Tenants in arrears, Absolutely Not! No Way!!!!We are fantastic communicators that always treat your tenants with respect to make sure that you receive your money on time! We are awesome tenant educators, they jump through all our hoops to live in your Xperience managed property, which gets you the best results.

It’s the ‘1’ percenters in the industry that add up to big improvements in our service quality.

We work with the latest tech as well as being armed with years of market expertise. We know you want your investment looked after as well as your own home and this comes down to the little things. And you guessed it, we know how to do them Awesomely (and that is with a Capital A)!!!