How We Handle Complaints and Deal with Disputes

Have concerns or need to make a complaint?
We make it easy for you to raise any problems or complaints with us.

STEP ONE: Raise your issue with the Guardian Agent (a.k.a. Property Manager) who is handling your business.  They, together with our team of Super Agents, will try to help resolve the issue in the first instance.

STEP TWO: If you’re not satisfied with the outcome, ask for the Principal, Vish Uttam (our Super Agent extraordinaire).

There are 3 ways to do this:

  1. Ring 07 3121 3092 and ask to speak to Vish
  2. Email him at
  3. Write to him: Attention Vish Uttam at Xperience Realty, PO Box 1109, Milton QLD 4064.

Please let us know what your complaint is about and the kind of outcome you are after, if this applies to you.

How will we deal with your complaint?

We take every complaint received seriously. What will happen is your Property Manager and our Property Management team will work with you to ensure that we fully examine the issues you raise, and that we handle your complaint in an orderly manner.

Your privacy is important to us. We will handle the details of your complaint in confidence, and we will get your consent first if we need to discuss any issues that arise from your complaint with someone outside of Xperience Realty.

Your Property Manager and the rest of our team are good listeners. We will always give you a fair opportunity to voice your concerns, and you can help us by making your complaint as clear as possible. This may mean arranging a meeting with you in person, but in most instances, a chat over the phone will be enough for us to help you find a solution that works.

How long will this process take?

Generally, we’ll try to resolve your complaint ASAP – especially if the issue is small. However, bear in mind that if an issue is more complex, it will take longer.

So you know that we’ve heard you, we’ll send an email acknowledging receipt within 2 business days and will give you an estimate of the time it’ll take to resolve your complaint. Our goal is to find a solution within 5 business days and make sure you are kept posted throughout this time. We aim to help you reach the desired solution for your concern, but please note that this may not always possible.  However we promise that we will do our best to take the most appropriate action to help resolve the issue satisfactorily.

What happens if I’m still not happy?

At times, the solution might not be to your satisfaction. In this case, you may wish to refer your concern to the Office of Fair Trading at this website: